Hindsight Bios: Learn more about CeeCee, Bryan, Dwaine, and Gordon!

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CeeCee Clark: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Catherine “CeeCee” Clark is Hindsight’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player, occasional bass player and sometime songwriter. She started out wanting to play classical piano, but switched to guitar because pianos are heavy to carry, and it was like Jenga to get in the back seat of her car. Since drums would have the same issue as an instrument choice, and kazoo mastery plagued her, she decided to try guitar and found her musical home. Her inner rocker was begging to be let loose, and when she was fortunate enough to cross paths and sing with a great group of rockin’ musicians, Hindsight was born. 

Biggest musical thrill: Seeing faces light up and sing along when we play your favorite songs! And we love it when y’all hit the dance floor, so come on out and show us your best moves!

Bryan Willson: Bass, Vocals

Bryan Willson is the bassist and backing vocalist for Hindsight, and occasionally contributes guitar and lead vocals. 

Bryan’s musical career started as the pianist for the hottest band on his street growing up.  He later had a dorm room stint with Kenny’s Air Band, where he played lead tennis racket. 

At this point he dusted off the nylon string guitar his grandmother had left him and decided to learn the real thing. Thus began a 25+ year Love affair with guitars. What began as a six string a day habit eventually became 12. For the last two years he’s cut back and proudly proclaims “four strings should be enough for any man.” 

Like his musical idol Paul McCartney, Bryan is naturally left-handed. However, he plays guitar and bass right-handed. Bryan says it was due to the availability of equipment when he was first learning, but those in the know claim that he just didn’t want to show Paul up. 

Any naming similarity to the “other” Brian Wilson is purely coincidental.  But "Wouldn’t It Be Nice"? 

His biggest musical thrill is yet to come. 

Signature songs: Wonderwall, End of the Line

Dwaine Brosemer: Lead Guitar

Learning to play the guitar has been a life long dream of mine but either never had the time, forgot about it or was busy raising four kids. On October 28, 2017 I was sitting in traffic when SWEET CHILD O’MINE came on the radio. It was at that moment I made the decision come hell or high water I was going to learn how to play that intro. That day I went to rent a guitar and amp and over the next 5 days sat and played until I learned that intro. Little did I know that I had stumbled on to my true passion-playing the guitar. Bucket list entry #1 was to play in a band and play my favorite songs. Bucket List #1 accomplished summer of 2019 with HINDSIGHT! Fortunately and mainly by default I was appointed “Lead Guitarist”. Mainly because I can’t sing nor can play any other instruments, that coupled with the fact that I had the largest collection of pedal effects earned me the title of Lead!! 

The music genre which drives my passion for learning is BLUES! To say I love the sound of Blues Guitar is a gross understatement. A good guitarist offers notes that when you close your eyes, they can be seen and felt and almost touched.  That is what I aspire to be, a good Blues Guitar player. 

As my family can attest, I average 3-5 hours per day, every day glued to YouTube watching lessons, learning music theory, learning about gear: anything having to do with mastering the guitar- that’s what I’m watching. 

Favorite Genres of music: BLUES, Classic Rock, Classic Country 

Favorite Guitar Players: oh geez... Angus Young, BB KING, Randy Rhoades, Joe Bonamassa, Duane Allman, David Gilmour, SRV.....the list is literally comprised of hundreds of guitarists, 

Favorite Bands: HINDSIGHT, AC/DC, ZZ Top,  Lynard Skynard, CCR, Garth Brooks, on and on and on 

Favorite Guitar: GIBSON LES PAUL 


Gordon Kelly: Drums

Gordon Kelly is the drummer and percussionist for Hindsight. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland - Gordon spent his youth immersed in music ranging from Thin Lizzie, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd all the way through Guns ‘n Roses, Nirvana, Metallica and Iron Maiden. When he’s not smashing up his kit and generally making as much noise as possible, Gordon has been known to tickle the ivories from time to time. 

Starting out playing drums and piano during lunch recess in high school, Gordon slowly built up his musical talents over the semesters that came and went. However, it wasn’t until he went off to College to study quantum spinny things that he quickly discovered he had no time or energy to play and his drumming skills slowly melted away. Fast forward almost twenty years and a new itch began to form. That was all it took for the spark to be reignited and since then Gordon has found his way into several music programs and rekindled his passion for making noise! 

Gordon’s drumming heroes include John “Bonzo” Bonham, Buddy Rich, the late great Neil Peart and of course Ringo Starr. 

Gordon’s Gear: 

DW Performance Series Kit 

(18x22) Bass Drum 
(8x10, 9x12, 14x16) Toms 
(6.5x14) Snare 


DW 9000 Series 

Sabian Cymbals: 

21” AAX X-Plosion Ride 
18” AAX X-Plosion Crash 
16” AAX X-Plosion Crash 
14” AAX X-Plosion Hats 
10” AAX O-Zone Splash